It’s our J-O-B to help folks find work that can help them live their lives with dignity.
— Carla Harris, FaithWorks

Overcome Barriers.    Change the Narrative.

Humanize Human Services.

ImageWorks is changing the narrative for workforce development.  Candidates are not 'clients' or 'customers,' they are job seeking candidates who need our assistance with gaining employment.  In 1999, ImageWorks developed the Building a Successful Image for Change  or BASIC program - an 8-week career readiness course - to assist low-income candidates develop the tools needed to seek, gain and, maintain employment.  Now, through The People Institute, ImageWorks trains the trainer to humanize their service delivery through the BASIC program curriculum.  Humanizing human services begins with our service delivery.  

Focus on Core Areas

hiring from the sidelines - train the trainer

It's time to change the narrative. Providing workforce development is all about people needing professional development.  We must begin to change our language when interacting with Candidates.  

Go from workforce development to Professional Development

Go from clients/customers to Candidates

Hiring from the Sidelines is our Train-the Trainer program for workforce professionals.  Humanizing service delivery is paramount to meeting performance measures, truly connecting with Candidates and developing strong employer relations.  

The program connects with social service employees and teaches them how to increase engagement with participants receiving social service benefits such as TANF and SNAP.  We provide a comprehensive approach to working with low-income and low-skilled job seekers by using a transformational approach of moving beyond the data and into an environment that focuses on developing people. Hiring from the Sidelines is a two-day course. 

Training Objectives:  

  • Train the workforce professional how to work with job seeking candidates using a holistic approach

  • Change the image of workforce development to lessen the focus on numbers and increase the focus on people

  • Use screening techniques that identify if candidates are actually ready to work.

  • Develop and use “employer” jargon and expectations as a part of job readiness.

  • Redefine the terminology used when talking about the job seeker.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for anyone who is providing direct services to participants from social service agencies, including, but not limited to:

  • Case Managers/Social Workers

  • Program Managers and Facilitators Trainers

  • Job Coaches/Job Developers

Workforce Development is about understanding a true core of a person and helping them make a career. Workforce development is personal.
— Carla Harris, FaithWorks

professional development for job seekers

The Building a Successful Image for Change "BASIC" program,  ImageWorks' signature career readiness program, is developed with both the employer and the Candidate in mind. Its focus is the education of the candidate about the needs of the employer: how to meet them and become the best asset they can be for the company.   Our BASIC program is successfully working with low income and low skilled Candidates in their search for employment and self-sufficiency.  For more information about our BASIC program, please contact us

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Since 2000, we have worked with over 5,000 candidates seeking to improve their professional image in order to secure employment. See videos below with highlights from our Workforce Development Programs.