ImageWorks is all about people. 

Training. Coaching. Engaging.

       We are humanizing business.    

Developing your team is critical to reducing turnover, improving employee engagement, and increasing morale.  Your team is your company's face to the world. 

How does your team measure up? 

What's the score of your customer service surveys?

We are committed to helping your team move to the next level through training academies, organizational development, and community involvement.  We partner with each client for a minimum of three months and during that time we are integrated into the vision and mission of your organization to assess, define, develop, train, and deliver winning strategies for success.

A company’s team is its face to the world.
— Carla Harris, CEO, ImageWorks
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 Team's Image = Company's Image

The people institute

Benefits of developing your team.

  • Increase retention.
  • Build confidence and credibility.
  • Make succession planning easier.
  • Re-energize your staff.
  • Improved efficiency.

Our programs are exciting, educational, interactive, and a fun way to create a strong message for both team and company. 


 Career development = Career Pathways

Workforce Development training

Workforce development is simply professional development training for job seeking Candidates. Our workforce programs focus on two areas: train-the-trainer for workforce service providers and career coaching and training for job seeking Candidates. Our signature workforce program is the Building a Successful Image for Change or the BASIC program.