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So what does that question mean?  Is your image working?  How can my image work?  Well, just like the cover of a book or the packaging of a product, your image is your "buy me" message.  Do you want to be hired?  Are you seeking to do business with the C-Suite?  Your image is the first step to getting the end user to give you the interview or take your call.  What makes your image work?  We all know it's how you dress, but it's also your written word - email and letters.  It's your communication style, your manicures and makeup; and guess what - even your car!  Is your car messy on the inside?  Covered in bird poop on the outside?  These things all speak about who you are and your attention to detail.   Judging a book by its cover is as old as time, but we will never stop because it's human nature.  

At ImageWorks, we understand that your image is everything.  To us, that is not simply a cliche, but a truism that will make or break the beginning of a great relationship.  We all judge by the cover we see - in business, in dating, in friendships - our goal is to work with clients to show them how to influence that judgment by creating the right cover.  

Workplace Casual

Workplace Casual


ormalizing the image of employees has become necessary to maintaining the credibility of the organization in today’s marketplace in order to instill confidence with the client. Employees are now scrambling to find the happy medium with wanting to respond to the new image demands while holding onto to their own sense of style and personality – all without jeopardizing their jobs.