Power Player? Balancer? Climber?

What kind of business communicator are you? 

Power Player?  Balancer?  Climber? 

Perception guides how each interacts with the other.

Power Player  

Influences others. Considered a mover and shaker.  Responds quickly to a call from someone perceived as a more advanced power player.  Calls are taken immediately.  Messages are returned within 24 hours.  The Power Player plays well with other power players.


The Power Player perceives a Balancer as an equal. Balancer’s calls are returned within 48-72 hours and messages may be returned with an email saying – “I’m working on something right now, I will get back to you as soon as this project is tied up.”  Power Players keep Balancers close, betting on future benefits.


The Climber, new to the game, has yet to become an influencer.  The Climber moves and shakes, but a bit more slowly than the Power Player or the Balancer.  The Climber’s calls are not returned – at least not by the Power Player because the Climber is perceived as lacking the ability to ‘do favors’ or ‘influence’ others. 

What kind of business communicator are you? How do you determine the value of another? Do you treat everyone equally?  Do you rush to the phone when the boss calls, but not when the staffer calls? Does the receptionist cringe at the sound of your voice? As you leave for the day, are you courteous to the janitor? 

Be mindful. Everyone has value. There’s a Power Player, Balancer and Climber in everyone you meet.


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