ImageWorks is the soft side of business.   ImageWorks is training and coaching...we put the "people" back in doing business.    

We help companies improve their professional image in the areas of customer service, human capital development and leadership training.  Our staff development training teaches how to create an image and a self-brand that is confident, service-oriented and trusted. We consult with companies to improve their community relationships, redefine hiring practices and increase "personal touch" in business.  We don't train without continued coaching to ensure that your team is conditioned to live and breathe your company's brand.

A company’s team is its face to the world.
— Carla Harris, CEO, ImageWorks

Who We Are

ImageWorks was founded by Carla Harris in 1997 with the vision and mission that the image we project is the message we send to others.  How we want to be perceived is first ignited by the way we dress, speak and interact with others.  ImageWorks has been helping people elevate their image through training and one-on-one consulting.  Simply put, our goal is to help people be the best they can be - in all situations.  

We work with clients in three main focus areas - Staff Development Training, Workforce Development Training and Individual Coaching. 

Team's Image = Company's Image

Team's Image = Company's Image

staff development

Professional development is what we do.  We know that your teams's image has a direct impact on the public's perception of the company.  Having a professional image is more than clothing - it's having 21st Century Skills to move to the next level. Your team's image IS...YOUR...BRAND! 

Our programs are exciting, interactive and a fun way to create a strong message for both team and company. 


Career development = Career Pathways

Career development = Career Pathways

Workforce Development training

Workforce development planning, training and coaching programs are for government agencies seeking to train, hire and retain employees from marginalized backgrounds.  Our signature workforce program is the Building a Successful Image for Change or the BASIC program.  Since 2000, we have worked with over 5,000 candidates seeking to improve their professional image in order to secure employment. 

See videos below with highlights from our Workforce Development Programs.


Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching services combine the best of both worlds.  We work with clients in the area of professional image development, career coaching which includes resume development and editing, interview preparation, salary negotiations, and career planning. 

The Transition-to-Work program is a successful career development and placement program that effectively bridges the gap between the job seeker and the employer.  We work in tandem with community agencies, employers and the job seeking public in a way that allows deeper conversations about work and the expectations of the employer.

Career Development for job seekers age 50 and up

ImageWorks was chosen to work with both youth and senior job seekers in the areas of work and career readiness. During this 6-week program, we hosted a 2-day inter-generational discussion around topics that affect our society today.