We've lost the ability to develop relationships.  Cell phones interrupt lunches.  We communicate in 140 characters. We've forgotten how to say please and thank you.  

We customize training solutions based on your needs, goals and business model. wants to transform your team.  Working at the forefront of professional style as a mark for the sustainability of your brand, ImageWorks is committed to your success, one employee at a time.

Assess. We work with you to assess the challenges, goals, expectations of leadership and all members of the team. 

Strategize. Merging the goals of the company with the personal goals and values of your employees is the first step to creating a fully engaged workplace culture.  We customize employee engagement strategies that allow teams to better communicate. 

Coach. Coaching is the encouraging process to inspire others.  That is how we define our coaching methods. 

Portfolio of services

We work with your team to navigate today's business world with savvy and finesse.  Areas of coaching and training include:

  • Communication and Team Building
  • Navigating a Toxic Workplace
  • Understanding the Nuances of a Multi-Generational Workplace
  • Leadership and Management Coaching
  • Defining Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 

Can you 'walk the talk'?

Continued training is essential to the success of any professional.  Today's business environment requires that we keep our skills sharp and learn the nuances of building and maintaining relationships.  Does your team look the part?  Do they act the part?  Are they strong in their ability to manage emotions in the workplace?  Our staff development programs are customized based on the needs of your company.  So ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Does my team fully understand our mission?
  2. Does my team provide exceptional service at all times?
  3. Does my team know our company's expectations and how to fulfill them?

If your answer is no to any of the above, contact us today so we can put a training and coaching system in place for you. 

Want to sample a few? Schedule a lunch & learn for your team.

Carla is fabulous and definitely has an eye for detail to make a difference! Her work made an incredible difference in my professional image and I am so glad I made the decision to try it out.
— Indra Campbell, President & CEO Banco Financial

Does your team know your service values?

how We work

We work with all clients who have a dedicated interest in presenting a professional and polished image.  Our goal is to help you be the best YOU you can be. We begin with a comprehensive self- and brand-assessment.

Our training programs are developed, ideally, to be taught in a series.  Through the Executive Series, we build upon each workshop in a way that allows the participants to garner as much information as possible. That said, each workshop is vibrant enough to stand on its own.


More than your best foot forward, ImageWorks designs a complete, robust series of activities, tools, interventions, and real-world training that brings the look of your team into alignment with the goals of your business. 

Working with entry-level personnel is our favorite!  This allows your company to choose excellence and work with employees right from the start, feeding them the elements that will allow them to be the most successful in your company.  

“ImageWorks is a progressive enterprise which is impacting the community at large. It is displaying it’s diversity from workforce development to image consulting. Carla Harris, CEO and founder of ImageWorks Consulting has over 20 years of experience in image consulting and staff development. “
— Anna B. Legal Administrative, Washington, DC