Developing our workforce is a team activity. Our workforce development programs are targeted to government, community colleges and universities, and community based organizations.  The series of workshops and training below help to strengthen the image and marketability of today's job seekers.

Workforce development

The Building a Successful Image for Change "BASIC" program is developed with the employer in mind. Its focus is the education of the candidate about the needs of the employer: how to meet them and become the best asset they can be for the company.  The greatest challenge in working with long-term unemployed and/or those never employed is the RQ level.  Relationships are vital to establishing community credibility, community engagement and solutions to community improvement. 

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workforce intermediaries

As a leader, you must provide your workforce with the information they need in order to remain consistent with the image and vision of your company. It’s not just about the clothing they wear, but a more comprehensive message that is sent to all who come in contact with your company.


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We specialize in employment development for under-prepared urban residents. Our candidates are eager and ready to work and would welcome the opportunity to work with your company. We understand what companies are looking for and each candidate is required to complete a, 8-week career readiness program. Contact us below for more information about this program.


Equal opportunity employment is the law.  Diversity is not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation and religion, but rather expanding that to include age and community friendly initiatives.  ImageWorks helps employers create pathways for job seekers who have the need to return to the workplace after retirement!  

Bridging the skill gap can only happen when employers agree to employ job seekers from all parts of the community.  Low skilled job seekers are eager to work and gain experience with the goal of improving their self-sufficiency.  

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