Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is more than opening opportunities not based on race, creed, sexual orientation and religion.  The pipeline from the community to the corporation includes employing those from lower socio-economic communities and the "seasoned" job seeker.  

Hiring from a diverse community can be a challenge.  

With the lower skilled and uneducated candidate, there can be many barriers - transportation, child care, timeliness.  ImageWorks creates a strong support network for candidates seeking employment from some of the most economically depressed communities.  We provide support, retention, coaching and are change agents for those wanting to make a change in their lives.


"Seasoned" job seekers bring experience, skills and history to today's workplace.  

Retirement isn't what it used to be.  Older job seekers bring plenty of experience to the workplace; however, there can be challenges to merging the boomer generation with the millennial workforce.  Boomers want commitment, longevity and relationships and millennials are tech-savvy, socially lacking and change jobs every few years.  ImageWorks provides integration training that allows companies to blend the generations seamlessly.


Creating a diverse workforce creates community, increases communication, celebrates equality and works to increase product- and profit-ability.   ImageWorks shows you how.